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You’ve gotta love that “new book” smell

Welcome to my blog! The Groggy Frog is a place where I hope to post my thoughts on the books I’m reading and the books I hope to read, as well as other literary gems from around the internet. It is also the place where I plan to discuss everything cafè related. As a former barista, the coffee shop culture fascinates me. Someday I would like to open my own literary-themed coffee shop, so in many ways this blog will be a scrapbook of my background research and my sources for information.

I hope you will find this site to your liking and I also hope that we will eventually be able to build a strong community around it. Please feel free to post links to related sites in the comments — I can’t be everywhere online at once and often miss some cool things. Also feel free to post your feedback and opinions in the comments section. I want this to be a place for open discussion. If you’re trolling (making a fuss or being mean just because you can), your comments will be deleted. If, on the other hand, you honestly disagree, your comments will be left visible so that we can continue the discussion.


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